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Boat ride Ticket 🎟

Enjoy Prague's panorama from Vltava river perspective in the the fully wooden Vodouch boats built in the tradition of the 19th century.
From €7.00

Invisible Exhibition Ticket 🎟

Imagine yourself in total darkness where your only way around is by using other senses – touch, hearing and smell. Interesting? Unusual? Or natural. Experiencing an hour of blindness could open your eyes to an entirely new world. The Invisible Exhibition in Prague is an unique way to “see” and learn more about an invisible world. You will be led by a visually impaired instructor who will lead you on a journey that is sure to enrich your mind.
From €12.00

Salvador Dali Enigma Museum Ticket 🎟

Get a closer look at the work of famous surrealist artist Salvador Dalí renowed for his technical skills, precise draftmanship and bizzare images in his work. Dalí’s versatile work includes paintings, graphic arts, film, sculpture etc. Major themes of his work were dreams, religion, sexuality, science and the subconscious and that is why he was considered controversial during his prime by many people.
From €8.00

Virtual reality entrance Ticket 🎟

Travel back in time to the past and explore Prague under the reign of the Habsburg Emperor Rudolf II! Thanks to a unique virtual reality, you can experience an adventurous walk through Renaissance Prague in 1593 and you will be astonished by the fascinating life of the city more than 400 years ago. Try to recognize some of the famous Prague monuments and while visiting the Jewish Quarter, get ready to meet the legendary Golem!
From €18.00