Teambulding Indoor

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Airplane designers

In just 120 minutes teams must design and build an aircraft that is well designed, can fly and land in one piece. When the time is up, is time for an airplane introduction and finally for the flight show.
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Bartender lesson

Have a lot of fun and become a real bartender. Learn new information about alcohol mixing during this bartender lesson. Freestyle barman exhibition ends the event.
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Company calendar

Make your own calendar! costumes and other props from our costume fundus. of the year. Teams can choose from the list of our digital background and other art accessories during production.
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Crime scene

Crime scene: do not cross! Your teams will become investigators. The aim is to find out who stole the valuable documents.
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Fashion designers

Would you like to be a part of the fashion world for one day and also have some fun? We got activity just for you. Fashion show for everyone!
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Ice hockey

Enjoy the day with your collegues playing one of the most popular games in Europe, the Ice hockey game. Experince how does it feel to be part of the tournament.
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Lip dub

A lip dub is a type of video that combines lip syncing and audio dubbing to make a music video. Each person might use wide costumes wardrobe and wigs collection as well as service of make-up & hairs style studio.
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Prague movie makers

In this moviemaker's event participants pick up their professions - director, screenwriter, actor and actress, cameraman, lighting technical, clapboard girl, musician etc. The aim is to shoot at least 120 second of commercial spot on company products.
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Roller coaster

The aim of this interactive game is build up a functional roller coaster for little steel ball (teams might use wide range of raw material as well as basic plan).
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Violin concerto

In this music teambuilding event you will learn how to play violin! You will be surprised, what beginners can do in 2-3 hours.
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