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Discovering Prague

This informative and exciting tour runs through the most famous places in Prague and gives you a quick orientation of the city. In four hours you understand the general layout of the city centre, visit its most important monuments and learn about Prague's thrilling history. See the Charles Bridge, Lesser Town, the Prague Caste with St. Vitus Cathedral, Jewish Quarter and the Old Town of Prague - all this with a knowledgeable local guide!
From €20.00

Folklore dinner

Enjoy a two and half hour show with amazing dancers and musicians in traditional costumes from Czech and Moravian regions. We would like to invite you to a 4-course dinner featuring original Czech recipes of our heritage. You will also enjoy unlimited drinks including beer, red or white wine, soft drinks and water.
From €12.00

Medieval dinner

Enjoy an unforgettable medieval-style dinner and show in an atmospheric underground tavern located in the very heart of Prague Old Town. Watch the jugglers, swordsmen and beautiful belly dancers, listen to medieval music, all this while you eat your 5 course delicious meal. Let the beer and wine flow and you enjoy this ultimate medieval experience.
From €36.00

Old and Jewish Town

This 1,5 hour walking tour gives you the Prague landmarks and the atmosphere that made Prague one of Europe’s top destinations. Explore the oldest and most important sights of the former Jewish ghetto and the Old Town of Prague. Learn about the ancient history of Jewish people in the Czech lands and see their unique monuments such as the oldest preserved synagogue in the whole of Europe! Descent into the maze of cobbled streets of the Old Town, admire the stunning architecture of the Old Town Square and its prodigious Astronomical Clock - all this with a knowledgeable local guide!
From €12.00

Prague Castle: Introduction & Entrance Ticket 🎟

This one-hour introductory tour to Prague Castle gives you a quick orientation of the city and its most significant monument. Your guide will meet you in the city centre and will take you the best way to the Castle. After getting the basic overview of its history and presence, just skip the ticket line and explore the impressive interiors of St. Vitus Cathedral, the Old Royal Palace, St. George’s Basilica and the Golden Lane at your own pace!
From €15.00

Shooting AK47

Shooting with real weapons in Prague. We can offer a safe shooting experience that you will never forget. Enjoy the excitement with the profesional English speaking instructor in a modern shooting range.


Tandem jump is the easiest way to experience what you have been, until now, only dreaming about, or you didn’t know how to make this ”crazy” idea come true!
From €170.00

Surviving the 20th century

This tour provides a fascinating insight into the major events of the 20th century in our country. Travel back through time and discover the most important sites that witnessed our turbulent modern past. Listen to the stories about struggle for independence and freedom, great suffering and sacrifice, courage and pain, hope and crushed dreams. Learn how the life was under the yoke of communist dictatorship and how thorny was the path towards democracy. Visit Národní třída and Wenceslas Square, the main places of the Velvet Revolution of 1989 and many, many more - all this with a knowledgeable local guide!
From €14.00

Virtual reality and tour

Travel back in time and explore the Renaissance period of Prague under the reign of the Habsburg Emperor Rudolf II. Take a one-hour walking tour through Old Town to see how the city looks in present-day Prague. After the walking tour, you will be immersed in a virtual tour of Prague in 1593. Prepare to be captivated by the comparison between the past and present! Perhaps you will even meet the legendary Golem!
From €30.00


Discover this beautiful, but lesser known castle, in Prague and avoid the crowded tourist sights! The original medieval residence, set on a rock above the Vltava River, was later converted into a Baroque fortress surrounding a peaceful park that offers spectacular views of the city. Visit the neo-Gothic Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul to witness the beautiful Art Nouveau decor, walk through the adjoining Vyšehrad Cemetery - where the most prominent personalities of Czech culture, science and politics have been buried - and explore Vyšehrad’s hidden underground casemates.
From €30.00