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Dragon boat races

Enjoy non-traditional collective experience - synchronous paddling in dragon boats, originally an old Chinese tradition over 2000 years. This sport brings your teams closer together, sharing the enthusiasm and the joy of a possible win.
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Hunt for vampires

For younger groups and teams we offer you a night horror interactive tour of Prague centre - a night vampire hunt in the city streets.
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iPad scavenger hunt

Experience iPad city rallye. Every team follows instruction on the iPad and answer questions about Prague and Czech Republic.
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Lip dub

A lip dub is a type of video that combines lip syncing and audio dubbing to make a music video. Each person might use wide costumes wardrobe and wigs collection as well as service of make-up & hairs style studio.
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Movie location tour

Enjoy interactive city game - Movie location tour. The teams goal is to discover places where famous movies were filmed, such as Casino Royale, Mission Impossible 4, G.I.Joe, xXx, Bad Company, Van Helsing etc.
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Prague beer hunt

For beer lovers we offer interactive tour in Prague with visit of famous Prague's pub. The aim of the game is to visit as much pubs as it gets and taste local beers.
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Scavenger hunt

Experience an interactive tour of Prague city centre with various figures from the past (W.A.Mozart, A. Dvorak, Rabbi Löw, Charles IV, soldier Svejk, Franz Kafka and many others).
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Skoda rallye

Let us drive skoda cars on our own! We offer funny race in the country side around Prague with old-fashion Skoda cars from 80ties.
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Spy Hunt

Enjoy extraordinary scavenger spy game in Prague city streets.
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Trabant rallye

Enjoy funny race in the Prague city street with old-fashion Communists cars originally from East Germany, with famous "Trabant".
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