Do you know the narrowest places in Prague?

Narrowest house:

You will find the smallest house not only in Prague, but probably in the whole Czech Republic in Anežská Street in the Old Town. It was built in 1853, in a narrow alley between two houses.  The house is wide just 2.25 m.



The interesting part is that for 40 years (until 1922) was brothel there with just two rooms. Unfortunately, the whole building has not been preserved, so today the entrance door again leads only to the alley between two houses.



Narrowest street:

This tiny street called Vinárna Čertovka is nestled in Prague’s oldest neighborhood, Malá Strana. The street is so narrow that to stop people colliding in the middle, two traffic lights have been installed on either end to indicate when it is occupied.

Squeezed in between two buildings off U Lužického semináře street, it measures only around 50 cm in width and it’s almost impossible to squeeze past each other as you meet at the passage. It’s a flight of stairs connecting the upper street with Čertovka restaurant.

Originally the passage was not planned as a street, it served as a fire escape. There were a few more in Prague, but to this day this is the only one which has survived.

And how do you find the place? The street is located just 150 meters from the Charles Bridge. If you go from the center towards Prague Castle, turn to the right after crossing the bridge.




Narrowest hotel:

This hotel is located on the opposite side of the river, in Old Town. The front façade of the hotel Clementin is just 3,28 m wide. The history of the house goes all the way back to the mid-1300s. Originally the house was part of the neighboring house and was called U Panny Marie. It become completely independent in the late 17th century. In that time was also built a third floor.

The hotel has just 9 rooms, tiny reception, and breakfast room. Not just guests are amazed by the width of the building, but even tourists often stop at the house and ask about the width of it. They have a meter hidden at the reception so unbelieving people can see for themselves that the size is correct 😊.

If you would like to see the house by your own eyes, you will find it at crooked Seminářská street located in the heart of the Old Town.




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